Teacher Education (Bed / Bed Arabic)

Bed Simple
Code No 512 Perspective of Education

Code No 513 School Organization

Code No 514 Evaluation Guidance and Research

Code No 517 Teaching of Pak Studies

Code No 518 Educational Psychology and Syllabus

Code No 519 Teaching of English

Code No 520 Teaching of Biology

Code No 651 English Complusory

Code No 652 Islam Pakistan and Modern World

Code No 653 Teaching of Chemistry

Code No 654 Teaching of Islamiat

Code No 656 Teaching of Physics

Code No 657 Teaching of General Science

Bed Arabic

Code No 2600 Prespectives Of Education

Code No 2601 School Organization & Management

Code No 2602 Evaluation Guidance & Research

Code No 2603 Educational Psychology

Code No 2604 Islamic Culture, Study of Pakistan

Code No 2605 (Arabic) English

Code No 2606 Teaching Methodology, Textuals

Code No 2607 Arabic Grammar Phonetics & Language

Code No 2609 Arabic Phonetics

Code No 2610 Textual Study (Literature)